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About us

A Short Story of the Press

on balloons in Bulgaria

Compass - Tihomir Tanchev company was established in 1993 with the main activity - printing on balloons, balloon decoration, production and sale of balloon accessories. The company works with high-quality balloons with the brand "BELBAL" - Belgium.

Our products are aimed at both wholesale and retail customers.

In 1993, with a hand-made machine we printed the first balloon for Bulgaria!

In 1995 we made the first machine for semi-automatic printing on balloons. We have increased the printing capacity from 500 Bubble per day to 2500 Bubble per day with three printers.

In 1997, we re-created our first automated balloon printing machine. We printed ONE and TWO colors with a capacity of 1500 balloons per hour for manual loading.

In 2005, we produced a new device with a capacity of 2500 bpm. His possibilities were PETS print and SINGLE - FOUR COLOR PRINT!

The people we then printed 4,000 bpm per hour with two automated manual loading machines (hard and heavy load method) were changing over half an hour on a machine and were 12 printers.

In 2010, we created another unit that had a capacity of 1500 BPL per hour for a BOTH ONE-BLUE image.

All these machines were automatic, but ... with manual charge.

With the help of innovative technology, we have also attracted new European partners. The winnings are trusted by Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Poland and Scandinavia!

Thanks to the new technological capabilities:

- fully robotic printing systems;
- automated tracking of the entire process - from the balloon boarding to the robot until it leaves the machine;

- automatic stopping of the production cycle when setting the difference from the initial set parameters for printing;

- signaling to the operator for troubleshooting,

after 25 years with already fully robotic printing systems (served by only three people), we achieve a capacity of 15,000 bpm.

Our level today:

High print quality
Best Bubble for Printing - BELBAL
Short term
Good prices

The high criteria of our clients motivate us to continue to develop in the technological direction, so that in the future we can satisfy their every wish and unconventional idea!

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