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Biodegradability Biodegradability of balloons In the production of balloons, a natural product - the juice / syrup of the rubber trees - is used. The trees from which this juice / syrup is extracted help to combat global warming. Getting latex helps prevent deforestation. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable and break down at the same rate as the leaf. What is Latex? Latex is an elastic material made from rubber, which is extracted from the rubber trees commonly found in Malaysia. These balloons are very widely used. They can be manufactured in a very wide range of colors, sizes and shapes. They can be inflated with either ordinary air or helium or balloon gas



Promo PRINT PROMOTIONAL PRINT BALLOONS Promotions for printing 1000 balloons is valid for balloons, pastel colors and standard size printed on one side.


EN Balloons with helium

EN Balloons with helium EN The balloons inflated with Helium fly for a certain time because Helia constantly "runs" through the walls of the balloon. Latex balloons are made of natural rubber. When the latex is formed as a balloon - its walls inevitably have microscopic pores and holes. Although these holes are too small to be seen with the naked eye, they are approximately 1000 times larger than the extremely small Helium atom. Helium atoms in the balloon find their way out very easily through these miniature holes in the balloon wall. From the moment of inflation, the helium balloon begins to lose Helium atoms through the microscopic pores. With the "running" of the helium from the balloon, the size of the balloon is inevitably lowered until there is not enough Helium left in ...