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EN Balloons with helium

EN Balloons with helium

EN The balloons inflated with Helium fly for a certain time because Helia constantly "runs" through the walls of the balloon. Latex balloons are made of natural rubber. When the latex is formed as a balloon - its walls inevitably have microscopic pores and holes. Although these holes are too small to be seen with the naked eye, they are approximately 1000 times larger than the extremely small Helium atom.

Helium atoms in the balloon find their way out very easily through these miniature holes in the balloon wall. From the moment of inflation, the helium balloon begins to lose Helium atoms through the microscopic pores. With the "running" of the helium from the balloon, the size of the balloon is inevitably lowered until there is not enough Helium left in the balloon to continue flying. A 30cm Helium balloon will continue to fly until the 30cm balloon drops its size to approximately 18 centimeters - it takes approximately one day (Depending on the atmospheric conditions of the balloon - current, temperature amplitudes or jolly guests)

Let's imagine for the moment that the helium-filled balloon is like a house full of thousands of insects and all the windows and doors are open. Insects will fly into the house, they will be hit by walls, ceiling, floor, and eventually will find their way to the wide open windows or door and will easily pass through them - they will escape and will not return to the house. And eventually most of the insects will run through the windows like Helia in the latex balloons.

To increase the flying time of the balloons, a special preparation called Hi-Float can be used. What is the role of Hi-Float - this special balloon helium preparation builds a shield or barrier between the helium atoms and the balloon wall and increases the flight time of the helium balloons.

Offered packages of Hi-Float:

1. ULTRA HI-FLOAT 16oz / 470ml - starter set with precision dispenser for ballooning before filling with helium

2.ULTRA HI-FLOAT 24oz / 700ml - vial / filler without a precision dispenser (if you do not have a dispenser - it is an important part of the entire coating process - any size balloons treats with different amount of Hi-Float.)

3.Ultra HI-FLOAT 96oz 2800ml - vial / filler without precision dispenser (For Hi-Float precision dosing a dispenser is needed - it is an important part of the whole coating process - each size balloon is treated with a different amount of Hi-Float.)

4.ULTRA HI-HIFLOAT + dosage rings. This pump permits the precise dosing of Hi-Float. The pump is compatible with ULTRA HI-FLOAT 24oz 700ml and Ultra HI-FLOAT 96oz 2800ml